I Tried So Hard

every year i try hard for something .. i used to get everything till i was of 16 ..  for the last 2 years.. but life has shown a new track .. i just try for something and i dont get it .. i had something in me , that watever i wanted to achieve i used to get.. but now its nearly impossible.. why is such a thing happening to me .. why all of a sudden all wat i want is going away from me .. i am becoming a normal  guy wid no aim at all .. even if i hav something in mind to do .. i just think a lot about it but never do a single thing for it .. wat will make me do it .. how to make my heart do something wat i really wanna achieve.. its just i am waiting for my will power to become so strong that i may blindly start heading towards my goals.. but when will all that happen.. i dont hav much time left  for my career to begin.. it should start soooon .. may god hear my plea ..
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2 Responses May 6, 2007

yea .. its only strong will .. mebbe we ll hav to stop all those things which attract us and stop us from doing the important stuff.. i just hope god may give us enuf will power ..

I hope you'll make it. Got a similar problem. I'm not strong enough to start working for my a-levels, know I'll mess everything up, but don't start to fight for it. And I'm too scared to start thinking about the time afterwards... I'd love to have more of a strong will...