I am trying to build things up with my H. I give him praise when he does things, I tell him that his actions are noticed and appreciated. And what do I get? He is disappointed in me. We had great sex on Sat. Then I guess he expected it on Sunday. I was busy, he didn't initiate anything, he just said that he wanted some later. Ok, I did tell him, well hopefully you will preheat the oven. Nothing. I was tired by the end of the night so we went to bed. Then today, I text him and tell him that I appreciate him, that he is attractive to me and his response was, whatever, I didn't put out last night and his marriage is sad. Alrighty then. And then it reminds me of why I had an affair, because they other man was always happy with me, (yes I know its not reality) but it felt good to matter, to be seen as more than property, to be seen maybe even more than an equal. After sex on Sat I was berated for wasting $6 on uneaten guacamole from HEB. I want to have a better esteem but this constant message of I am not good enough just makes me cry. I hate crying, solves NOTHING!
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maybe your sex life needs a little more guacamole!