when your 'reality' is that the normals have never respected you, and your own people have left you to die, then you're going to say this...
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well, since your not telling me who you are, I can't possibly know what your real squalk is, so I'll speak generally...<br />
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back in 2008 when I had to leave a group of my own kind cause I was not on tune with one person's desire to babyishly steal my subculture from another, I tried to handle this peacefully... At first I tried to talk to people I had met outside the group, but people who used to enjoy talking to me were now shunning me for no explanation... If I had done nothing I would have simply been forgotten about. My kind let themselves be used as pawns in someone else's "get rich quick scheme". People blame me for getting angry, but when I resorted to such bad last resorts was the only time others even started to think about the terrible thing that had happened to me... until then they just put it out of their mind and made my mistreatment "not their problem". They were all so selfish that the only time they could ever comprehend pain in this situation was when it was their own... People want to say I was the bad guy here, but it really does look in retrospect like nothing peaceful could have made any difference... and why? just cause some girl who everyone listens to is addicted to having her face in the spotlight? The way I hear it she doesn't even have time to run the group she stole from that poor Swedish woman... but she sure loves taking credit for everything!<br />
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update:<br />
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ok. I just looked at your profile and I don't think you are one of erika's people as I had first suspected. Clearly, you care too much about other people to be one of them. But I think I know you are though. If your initials are/were "AF", then I want to apologize for how I treated you and wish to explain myself and hopefully fix things...

well you were just a lesson in my life so therefor you were not a true friend..