Thoughts On Reality

I live in two different worlds. One, i am a shy, observant, timid woman, and the other i am full of life, color, and passion. I can enter my second world through many gateways. Sobriety is not one of them. Hallucinogens and other similar wonders have the power to take me into a world where i am untouchable. I can never be hurt and i can never feel lonely or hungry. I can ride through my kingdom on a silver elephant and i can fall into clouds and sit atop soap bubbles. Some say what i do is wrong, but i feel at peace.
Alissabella Alissabella
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Lo Alissabella,I know the place you visit,I first went their decades(geez) ago and have always returned whenever possible.People say many things in this world,but most they say is mistaken.I think anyone aware of the truths of this world understandably prefers the other :)

I am so glad some one else uderstands where i am coming from, ive realized so much truth that i would never go back. On that note, i think i have some escaping to do on this beautiful night. :)