I Think I Might Be Conflicted

Okay well I spend half of my time indulged in my reality and then the other half I spend it being amazed that I exist. That I am a real being that has thoughts and realizations and that I feel emotion. I make it beautiful in my mind. I actually make anger and saddness along with happiness and joy a beautiful fact. I think I am weird. I become sad then later when I reflect I find my sadness to be beautifull. So yes I am conflicted or maybe I am just trying to detach myself from reality. I dont know. this is the first time I actually put this out there. So please be nice LOL. Why do I do this? Do any of you do this too?

quanta quanta
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

It is funny when you write in out... but yeah, I know exactly what you mean and would say I feel the same. It may be a romantic nature, being able to turn the darker parts of existence into something beautiful. I say that man-kind needs more people like us, so please feel free to write more in the future...