Reality as Paint

Reality is the contrasting canvas on which you paint your fantasy world.  You have to have resource material from which to reorganize and create your own world.  My imagination allows me to be a GOD.  I can literally do, say, experience anything I want with absolutely NO restrictions of any kind.  All "laws" and "rules" are meaningless in my universe.  Reality is a box of paints sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart, worth maybe $20 - very unintriguing but with limitless potential for creation.  Everything must have an opposite in order to exist.  This reality must be ******, practically lifeless and stale in order for the breathtaking, magical world of fantasy to exist.

My imaginary friends are SOOO much better than those that I have in reality.  I think this is mostly because they are unimpeded by the social constraints that are a part of the "reality" I live in.  I can have anything without having to trade money for it.  And the best part is, what I earn (and yes I do work hard for it) in my fantasy world does not require trading in hours served in thoughtless mechanical servitude to the corporate machine.  I am no longer a cogwheel in a moneymaking, dead system of assets and liabilities.  Instead, I am an inexhaustable source of creation and exporation.


Those that understand, truly understand their potential.. are in a constant state of intercourse with reality.  We gather sensory information from reality then import it and reorganize it as we see fit in our fantasies.  We pick and choose the experiences and information we like and expand upon that information.


Remember that life is just a box of paints.  Nothing more, nothing less.

briguy77 briguy77
31-35, M
Mar 3, 2010