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I was a girl who loved to juggle, daily balancing three balls in my hand, I was going well, until I got one more. I tried to keep the balance, nearly fell, but managed to hold it. Then I took two more, now knowing that in an hour, one of them was going to fall. And there was one and another one.There were many that I couldn‘t balance all at the same time. I had to pay more attention to some and leave others aside. 
How often in life, don‘t we get more balls than what we can balance? How many times have we let slip some of our control? And it doesn’t mean that we are good at what we do, only that at one point we had to pay more attention to another marble so that it would not fall.
That's life, sometimes we commit to more balls than we can balance and one of them may fall and this does not mean we do not give our best.  
I try my best as much as I can, but sometimes I can fail.
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Yes, the act of juggling seems so much a part of life these days. There are times when I put down almost everything, and seek movement or rest for myself alone. Those times of solitude are precious indeed to me.

lol you are talking about balls.

Faerie gets dropped a lot. And at first it wasn't pleasant...<br />
<br />
Then I realize I can bounce... and bounce and bounce until the juggler takes me again. =)<br />
<br />
*pulls your hair while you're juggling* ooohh... that would be a neat trick! ;p

That is life. Sometimes it is very difficult to juggle in our busy lives. Sometimes we have to let balls drop. I totally agree. It does not mean you have not given your best if you let some drop, its the exact opposite. Sometimes it's for the best reasons.

Wise thoughts.<br />
I'd write more but I'm too busy.<br />

What if the balls have mouths and voices and teeth and are all screaming at you when they are falling and some are biting you and some giving you a raspberry and some talking behind your back and two are kissing - hey that's not right? Mmmmmm raspberries.<br />
<br />
Good imagery and lesson TP!

Those are some scary balls, Gee... they belong to you...?