2 Months Down the Drain

I had been cut free for 2 whole months until tonight. I'm so mad at myself! I thought id never cut again, it's just so hard! The urge was so strong. I feel so useless and hate myself even more now. 2 months achievment gone in a matter of seconds.  I need a hug. I havent been taking my antidepressants for a few days, ive been on them for about 10 months and I thought id be ok without them now. I guess I was wrong, I will have to go back to taking tablets to get me through the day again. I could really use a friend right now.

I hope everyone is doing ok. 

thesoundofsilence thesoundofsilence
18-21, F
1 Response May 19, 2007

youve gotta find sumting you love to do as much as cutting(and no not your lover)and do that every time you feel like cutting it worked for me (sumwhat) ive only cut once in the past 5 months and im rly proud of that