And Again.

it's been incredibly hard the past three days. it may not seem like a long time, but coming from the years of cutting, i'm almost proud. almost. until today. i can not control the urge. i'm so tired of not being able to help myself. nothing works. i was doing so well, and then just like that. i'm starting from step one. if anyone has ANY ideas, any at all, i'd really appreciate your thoughts. i need someone to tell me it will be okay. i can't take this anymore.
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I know what you mean seems like the only way to release the pain....that's how I feel anyway....<br />
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I try not to do it anymore...and rarely do but I do have moments like these .........<br />
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I am here for you .........

i havent cut in almost a month and everyday it seems like i think about cutting. I wish it would just go away. The reason i almost stopped was cuz, well, i just took a deep, hard look at what ive done to my body and i just didnt wanna do it anymore. But when the urge gets so strong i cnt controll it. I just have to do it. And it WILL be ok, this coming from a cutter myself. At one time i thought it wouldnt be ok either but.. It was.<br />
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Have you had a look through the wikihow page? That seems to be fairly practical and a good place to start from, at least:<br />
Good luck! :)