I Really Try Not To But There Is Some Times I Just Cant Help It

I answered a guys question he seemed so sad so after i did he added and we talked for awhile by a couple hours he new i really care about everyone in the world and i wish i could help people but when im helpless i go into anxiety attacks because i stress out so bad because there was nothing i can do to help them he seemed so sweet and said some really sweet things and when my answer wasnt what most people would like to hear everything stopped until like 20 minutes later the guy knew i would be helpless and have no choice but take his word for it but i was told we wouldnt be able to talk anymore because he hurt himself and wouldnt live ok telling someone that when its true and you are reaching out for help is ok but atleast tell them your name and address so they can get you some help we that started my anxiety attacks i know im stupid but i just care so much about people and i dont like having to take someones word and being helpless well today i notice not only was he online he did new questions and didnt bother to let me know he was ok which tells me he did that on purpose either just to be mean or to see if i really do care about people i am glad he is alive but im done talking to him i cant go through that again and if he happens to read this the only thing i have to say to him is How dare you  and have a nice life you lost me as your friend all i ever did was try to help you
gloriajean238509 gloriajean238509
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012