A Work In Progress

I do try not to judge others. For many things, it's easy for me to not judge at all. I'm perfectly fine with differences... religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, politics... it's all good with me. Just because I don't choose to believe in something and don't want it for myself, it doesn't mean that I should judge it. If it harms none and makes you happy, GO FOR IT! :-)

But... I do have my judgmental moments. Not about the things above, but I am quick to judge someone a creep, a pervert, or a jerk-***. Sometimes a person is just having a bad day... so they don't deserve to have such a label. But most are jerk-*****. See! I can't help myself! XD

I am a bit judgmental of others who are not kind to others and are mean. I put them in a category of their own. I know, it's not the right thing to do, to judge someone so harshly, just because they were mean and hurtful to me or others. It doesn't mean that they are cruel to everyone... they may be nice to some others, just not me. But... I tend to judge that they are mean to EVERYONE... they just gotta be! Don't worry... I'm working on that attitude. ;-)

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that's one of the great character traits that you possess, shadow. :)

thanks I let you know how my next class goes,,you are a very good person,,love and light mary

hey Shadow28, I agree with putting mean people into their own little space,,I wish that people that have a problem with me would talk to me about it,,,Their is this girl in my school who is so mean to me,,,I just do not understand Why?????I am a nice person and I do not act better than anyone else,,,it just really hurts me to feel her energy,,,it makes me feel very bad,,,anyway last night I got out of that team,,,and I think I got some much better mates,,,I just want to be able to express my creativety,,,that girl ruined my part of the paper and I am so happy that I do not have to be on a team with her,,,,well sorry to be ramblen love and light mary

You have to judge to a certain extent to function and be safe within society. You have to learn to pre-judge, when necessary. A person with absolutely no prejudices.. is like the guy in all-those-films, where he steps off 'the boat' and loses everything he has in the first hour, in -usually "the Big Apple".