I Try Not To Judge...but I Still Do

It is very hard to not judge people. Your just going along with your life, minding your own business, and some loud obnoxious person, will pass by, and you will make judgments about them and their behavior, their upbringing. I go to the local market to buy groceries, and this individual will be there, hair curlers in their hair, and I swear they are in their pajamas, and I will make a judgment about them. I go to the physicians office and the receptionist will be on the phone talking to her boy friend instead of taking care of me. And,so I will make a judgment about her abilities to do her job. A person will be driving and texting and almost hit 3 cars, and I will make a lot of judgmental comments about that one.

I won't ridicule the person or admonish them in public. I will simply keep my personal observations private. And,so that is my definition of not being judgmental. By keeping my observations private ,I am not trying to prejudice the people around me. The people around me may very well be making the same personal judgments, but that is their private information, and so we keep it that way.

Being non judgmental is a constant work in progress, and a goal that is not always easy to achieve.

neuilly neuilly
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1 Response Mar 13, 2011

Thank you for sharing that bit of wisdom..Thank you very much...and i mean that sincerely,,,