My room mate wished to introduce me to a family he has been helping out for a few years. He drove them around from place to place. He bought them food, clothes, listened to their problems and taught them a better way to do things.

When we first drove up into their driveway... my mind told me.. omg! We walked in to a home in total disarray. Five children running aimlessly, dirty, wild and hungry. My hands went into my pockets instantly, fear of what I might catch, my feet stucked to the floor from filth. I sighed...

He went to each one of the children and gave them hugs and asked how they were. The oldest was telling him that she had no toiletries, he turned to the mother and instructed her not to allow this to happen again. My heart sunked with sorrow that such a shame as this did occur. No needs were met but they had a pool table in their living!

My emotions were going in all directions ... angry, pity, confusion...! All I wanted was to get out asap. My room mate must of saw my expressions and we left. As we climbed back into his truck, he asked me if I was alright. Of course not, I said!! I told him to never take me there again. That I was upset, fierce at what I saw, hear and felt.

He begun to express how ...simply minded folks ... begun. The parents came from such a life style and the beat would continue till someone, something stopped it. He was trying to break the pattern by helping. He wasn't there to judge but to help!!!!

I hung my head in shame for feeling as I did. I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact... of grown folks, five children and ... they lived as they did. Since then, I am learning, experience all of it in a different fashion, understanding it all.
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A fine fellow you have there.Most people would tuck their tail and run as fast as they can.He is trying to break the cycle for the kids.

I know! I get-it now! Yes, he is trying to break the cycle... for a better future. I understand, my judgement blinded me... only because I couldn't relate to how the parents were... it's not about them, he is worried about but the children.