For everyone who abuses the principle "Do not judge me" that the world has been doing to not feel guilty of things they want to do, you need to stop riding the fence on this. I don't think or say "Do not judge me". But I notice everybody who says "Do not judge" supports judgement in life. Schools judge kids and pass or fail them depending on what humans conjure up is the way to be. Law fields judge people based on what humans conjure up the ways to be. Parents judge their kids by rewarding or punishing them based on what they conjured up to be the "laws of their land". Jesus never raised his voice, got angry at, or "spanked" the kids but we hear He was willing to do all three with the grownups. Parents judge their kids every time they spank their kids but make excuses about it when reality is that the smaller people didn't do what the bigger people wanted so they can enforce judgement on the smaller ones if they feel like it. Bosses enforce judgements with their employees. Parents who punish their kids no matter the reasons are enforcing judgement on those situations. And on and on, which is why I don't say "Don't judge" because sometimes judgement is necessary, but many have abused this to do away with feelings of guilt so they can do whatever they want to do, when in fact a lot of times, the speakers aren't judging. They're just voicing their opinion, which is something we should all be allowed to do, voice our opinions. If the opinion has hatred in it, then that is when the speech turns from right to wrong. But to just speak your mind is not judging others.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 19, 2013