I Am Not God

In my eyes I have no right to sit back and judge people. Behind every person is a story. To look at someone and judge them would be implying that I know their entire life story.  I accept people for what they are. Everybody has a story, and their story has moulded them into the person they are. Usually the people that get the most criticism are the ones who have suffered the greatest. Who doesn't have their flaws? Just because their flaws are different from your own, doesn't make them better or worse only different. You look at a homeless person and instantly label them as lazy, alcoholic, addicted pieces of trash.....I look at the same person with tears in my eyes and wonder where their life went wrong. What tragedy lead to this? Yes I am one who will see a homeless person and go get them a value meal...even if they are alcoholics at least I know that for at least that day they will be fed. Some say that i am gullible but i disagree. One of the best things about being a human is our ability to help one another. It is not my place to judge!

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

It is sad. It is sad that if you do have compassion you get labeled a sucker. I am by no means blind to my surroundings I just choose to do what I think is right. I have been the homeless person you pass on the street, I have been the addict unable to control my life, I have walked in their shoes and this is probably what has enabled me to look past the outer issue and see that there is a person, just like me, inside crying and begging for help. People don't just wake up one day and say "i think I'm going to ruin my life today" that's not how it happens. Most of the time there is some kind of abuse or tragic event that resulted in the persons downfall. The people passing the most judgement have, by the grace of god, never had to overcome these obstacles. And maybe it is not by the grace of god, but they had a diff. life mapped out for them. Different lessons they needed to learn. I for one was a victim of my environment. I suffered greatly and I hit rock bottom. I wasn't lazy, i tried very hard to rise above it but in the end my experiences have made me who i am. I just wish that people would spend 1/2 the amount of time trying to be a part of the solution as they do putting others down. If this were to happen the world would be a better place.

Hi Amyjo, I too feel the same way as you. I cannot bear to see anyone suffer. Everyone does have a story to tell and yes I get tears in my eyes if I see a homeless person. Nobody chooses to live that way and if they did that is what makes them happy. I cannot even watch a tv program that is sad. I cry my eyes out. This is called heart and soul... And sad to say some have lost theirs. Don't ever change