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"I Try Not to Judge"

I do try not to judge.I have a mother who is very judgemental,she just turned 81.I do love my mother but I always joke with her and her forked tongue,we laugh about it.I know by being raised by her what it's like to live and be around someone who is constantly judging people,so that's why I try very hard not be be like her.I also got a little help from my counselor who helped me to see how much I had become like my mom,especially with my daughter.My counselor tells me to cut the apron strings,let my daughter live her own life.She is on her own and only needs my help or advice if she asks me,if she doesn't ask,butt out!!!I have and we get along much better.This has also helped me to see how I was judging other people,so I stopped.If I start,I say,Lily it's none of your business.It feels good not to be so judgemental or to be in other peoples personal business,unless they ask me!!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 8 Responses Mar 18, 2009

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Oh how true Lily! <br />
<br />
I prefer to fly "under" the radar! Lol

Hi WM,yeah I guess that's why you and I get along so well,we are a lot alike.We believe in love not war,lol.Plus we also know who the judge is and it's not us,lol!!!

I do the same thing Lily, if I don't like someone's group, I just click away! <br />
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Of course, I'm not the confrontational type, unless provoked far enough. Like, if it involves my children!! Then Mother Bear comes out! Hahaha<br />
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I agree with ya'll, I wasn't put on this earth to be anyone's judge and/or jury. I'll leave that up to God. Lol

Strongly agree:>)<br />
Let's not encourage rude people

Hi Fleurina,now I may not be judgemental or try not to be,but I do have a bad temper if people are rude to me for no reason.Luckily I haven't had hardly anyone be that way with me.I did have a guy who was totally pissed at me because I wrote a blog about GOD.He even called me a liar and when I asked him why are you calling me a liar he wouldn't answer.But he never bothered me again.I see some people here who are so rude,if I don't like someone's group I just don't comment on it,I just mind my own business,it's too bad these other rude people can't do the same thing!!

No it's a made up name. I wanted Fleur but it was taken, so I added the rest. Glad you like it:>)<br />
Like you, I refrain from being judgemental, possibly as a preventive measure so that I won't be judged.<br />
Someone on here today has made a negative comment about me and I'm trying not to let it get to me or think up a smart retort.

Hi fleurina,I don't know if that's your real name but I like it.I just always try to remember how it makes me feel when people judge me,I don't like it ,so I watch my mouth and try to only say positive things,and not be hurtful!!

I try not to be judgemental and maybe I am succeeding as people are beginning to comment on it. I sometimes wonder though whether I do this just so others won't judge me. Hope not. Not always easy to do, but I try.