Judging Vs Opinon

I try not to judge how someone wants to live their life, but that does not mean I do not have an opinon on the subject.  A opinon is not a judgement.  I can disagree with you just as you can disagree with me.  This opens us up to a great discussion.  It is those who take to judgeing which leads to condeming those who opions differ from them.  The most judgemental people I have found are those who call others who have differening opinons judgemental.

allofus allofus
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2010

Sorry to hear that Nutty.. but there are always who only feel better about themselves by making others feel bad. They can not reach up and move themselves into a better part of life, so they will do what they can do and bring others down not only to their level but down below them to make them feel as though they were being lifted up. These are the people to be pitied amoungst our world, because they have no inward self-esteam just that they can get from others. Hang in there till you see a break and can finally do something they could never do, move on from where you are.

well try living in the area i was in most of the people seem to have become so intreasted in whats gone on in my life that they cant let go and they tell me i am lower than low yet they go out of their way to talk about it each day as i get told all the time,and now i have people wanting to become jugdes and inforce their own treatment,so everyone wants to be heard its just most want to be seen and talked about and respected for doing other peoples dirty work,they are also willing to try and crush me by calling me names and try hurting my feelings thats the type of people that i have around me in my part of the world for now.....