Believe It Kids, Being Outgoing In This World Pays Dividends

Look, I'm not saying you should cut in front of 500 people on the tour of the Alamo.  Or be the person on the White House tour that becomes the "overbearing" visitor.  I have always found taking the back seat and letting people direct you may not always be the biggest YOU.  It's ok to every so often to peek behind the curtain that has a sign on it saying "please don't peek behind the curtain".  Unless your somewhere like your local polling place.  That'd be bad.  OR a dressing room.  Point is people, sometimes being forward reaps rewards.   I seem to get discounts, free things, meet new people and learn more info. by sometimes leaving that comfort zone.  Try it. 

MaddawgTrillionaire MaddawgTrillionaire
36-40, M
Mar 4, 2009