Thank You Donald Rumsfeld

This chemical was created back in the 60's by the Serle drug company. The FDA was approached no less than 16 times for approval and was turned down. At that time Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Serle. When Donald Rumsfeld was appointed to head up the FDA, then aspartame was approved. Isn't it funny how many drugs are approved for consumption by the FDA with side effects that are worst than the aliment being treated? Aspartame is no different, it has been linked to certain cancers and how many diet drink consumers have trouble with their thyroid and actually still have weight problems even though they watch their weight. The thyroid controls you metabolic process. Hypo thyroid is an under active one. There is a great chance aspartame is the cause. Some states are trying to get it outlawed with little success thanks to big pharma lobbying efforts. Big money is being made from this chemical.

The biggest side effect of aspartame is it's ability to over excite brain cells causing them to die.

I stay as far away from aspartame as I can. Read labels, watch your and protect your health because as long as a dollar can be made from this poison, the FDA isn't worried about your heath.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Mar 20, 2009