Neediness Is Overwhelming

I have a boyfriend who is always feeling physical pain and emotional  and financial struggle, and he tells me about it during every conversation that we have.  He makes me feel guilty for not wanting to be a nurturer to him all the time.  I'm beginning to not want to be around him, until he quits all the whining and  quits expecting so much from me. Logically, I know he is capable of helping himself, and that my constant empathy only seems to fuel the self-pity flames. I also feel manipulated.  Emotionally, I feel guilt for not helping him, and for expecting him to reciprocate when I do. I've cooked for him and done housework for him, and quickly realized that he was not willing or able to do things that would help me out, so I stopped, so I wouldn't feel resentful.  We never go anywhere or do anything besides be couch potatoes, and eat.  I'm unhappy.  I know that when you have expectations, it's a problem - they will invariably not be met.  I know we are both good people, but he's not much of a giver.  I also can't seem to break it off from him because I care for him and don't want things to even seem worse to him, though I know that my reasoning is poor.  I'm stuck in wimpland. 
trytomakeit trytomakeit
Jul 14, 2010