Logical Emotion Stems From Principle

I try to balance logic and emotion, I was surprised to see a group for this. I can usually trace my emotion down to a principle or a natural facet of human psychology, and meter my emotions appropriately.

I find, that there are points of internal conflict while preforming the checks and balances of meta-cognition, but they all seem to stem from personal character, right or wrong, it's my identity.

I suffer panic disorder and agoraphobia, for which doctors have tried several medications, currently I am on a 'mood stabilizer'. I figured if they took me to a high dose it might make me an 'emotional zombie' and if it also made the panic and anxiety attacks stop I could live like that for the years it would take to break the anxiety conditioning.

So, I thought about the things that emotionally drive me and their underlying principles, I believe this has been a successful method of balancing emotion.

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Meta-cognition. Mindfullness.<br />
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I believe you are right it does have a strong connection to personal character, right and wrong, personal identity. If there is to be a balance between reason and emotion, one has to know oneself, one's motivations, to understand people better and what we need from each other. What we cannot get from others... I could go on. <br />
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You are right, the best way, is to understand the underlying principles and to learn to use them to the advantage of ourselves and others around us. You would not jump off a cliff and ignore gravity... unless you had a hangglider and knew how to use it.