My Life Sucks.

Not feeling to happy . Well I'm not happy at all . I'm 17 and I'm a drop out all I have is a GED and a license and I get a 500 dollar monthly check from Social Security I have bad asthma so my hopes of becoming a fireman ,police man or to join the army are down the drain . My life pretty much sucks . I have a girlfriend that I don't even want to be with :/ . I'm so unhappy and just rather die ,this life isn't for me I rather be up above with my mother or down below with who Evers there . Idc about existing on this earth were I'm a nobody . I just want this hurt to leave my heart . I've seen so much bad in life and miserable lives including mine it's just sad . And a girl that I love hates me and I just rather not live than live knowing that I can never have her .
Sad133450 Sad133450
18-21, M
Jan 9, 2013