I Try My Best.

I've always been a rather nasty person, and never really did anything for anyone except myself. A few weeks ago I realised that sort of attitude wasnt going to get me anywhere, so I've tried my best to turn myself around!

Its working, people do seem to talk to me more and take much more interest in me now that I have nice things to say instead of the usual insults. Even though the insults still appear in my mind I manage to keep them to myself, and only say things that are neccessary.

I've also tried to start doing nice things for people, e.g. Buy them gifts, lend them money when they dont have any, arrange things for them, lend them my jacket when its cold... Even though this does sometimes leave me penniless, cold and hungry, I do enjoy it because I get the satisfaction of getting someone else enjoy what I've done for them. It doesnt sound like much but its a very new experience to me and I'm enjoying it very much!
unicorn123 unicorn123
13-15, M
Aug 7, 2010