But Kindness Can Be Abused....

I get told a lot *You have such a kind/good heart.* but where the hell does it get me? I get trodden on by "friends" and taken advantage of. People seem to see kindness as a weakness.
Most humans would say that kindness is a gift and a strength but to me it isn't. All it has done in my life is get me hurt and upset.
I rarely get the same level of kindness back and really I just feel like hardening up and not being nice to anyone as it gets me nowhere.
Being kind also hasn't helped me find a decent friend or a partner either so it clearly isn't important to have a nice, kind girl around.
However I work with the under 5's and I want to teach them kindness. I feel like when I am with the children, I can be kind as they won't take it for granted or abuse it. I also know that I am teaching them how to be kind which is an amazing thing. I want them to learn this personality trait and spread it on through the world. I guess that is the only thing that keeps me this way and gives me faith. If it wasn't for the children, I would be a much harder person then I am now and I would be a lot more bitter and cynical.
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1 Response May 8, 2011

I also met with the same problem. Now I'm much colder to people surround me than before. But not to my close friends.
I think for me, the reason was that I'm not good at refusing people. But sometimes it was needed, and agreeing on anything will surely do harm to both, though it may seem to hurt someone's feeling at first sight.
Maybe we were all taught to be nice to others, but it was also very important to withstand the expectations from other people.