The Night I Drove Rickshaw

This a story of winters. I was returning back to my hometown and it was 12am by time I landed in the city. Now to travel back to home I was looking for a mode to commute. But unfortunately, there were only rickshaws, which I hate to ride.
As beggars don't have choices i decided to hire a rickshaw. The rickshaw was being driven by an old man nearly in his 60's. Initially I didn't notice that he was struggling to drive. But while he was trying to drive rickshaw on inclined terrain, thats when he caught my attention.

So I requested him that I will drive the rickshaw and pay him as well. Old man was overwhelmed that he could not stop thanking me.
But I was thinking why is this man at such a age driving rickshaw and I prayed to god help him in whatever way he can.

Nothing emotional just wanted to share my other side also....
nik96159 nik96159
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2011