I Got Rape Lol

When I was in the 7th grade my uncle ( my dad's brother ) moved in with us , it was great at first , but one day I came home from school and my uncle was the only one there , he asked me to come to his bedroom he wanted to show me something , he told me to sit on his bed  so I did , and that's when my nightmare started , he put his hand on my leg and started moving it up slowly , I told him to stop that I didn't want him to touch me there , but he told me No that if I would just relax I would like the way it felt , I tried to leave the room but he through me back down on the bed and took my cloths off and then he raped me , when my mom and dad came home I told my mom what happend she just told me to smoke some weed to calm down and buy a ***** , and I was shocked when she told me not to say anything to anyone about it , my mom told me that if my dad found out he would not be happy or love me anymore , I was daddy's little girl so I could not let him find out , my dad was blind so it was easy to keep things from him , so everyday for about 2 weeks when I would come home from school it was the same thing over and over , and then one day my prayers was answered , my uncle told us he was moving out and going to another state and he raped me one last time , but the day he was moving I saw him and my mom kissing , the next day I asked my mom why she let him do that to me , and she said because I love him , so I grew up thinking that no matter what you are going through or how bad it is you will do whatever it takes to make the one you love happy, then i became racist and i hate jews , for years I could not feel the love that I should be feeling for my mom , but I did forgive her in 2000 when she was on her death bed , and I told her for the first time since that awful day that I loved her , I'm 38 now and I'm trying so hard to over come what my uncle did to me , I am hoping that someday I will put all of this behind me , and maybe then my life will be okay again 
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i hope you find all the strength you need to help you over come this. also did you ever tell your father what happened to you