I Need Someone

I just want someone to talk to and I just want a friend who I can see all the time and have laughs and joke around with and who is interested in the same things as me and who wants to go out and do the same things as me. I want someone who will text me or call me to ask me how I am and asks me if I wanna go round theirs and have a few drinks or go out to a bar or something. I want someone where I don;t have to feel as if I have to be different or have to say the right things to make them feel better or make them feel happy,I want someone who is selfless and thinks about other ppl and tries to do things for other ppl and thinks about other ppl the way I do and cares about other people the way I do. I want someone to go out with and have fun, someone who fits in with my family, someone who supports me and helps me get through anything and someone who i can do the exact same for. I want someone who just wants to have a laugh and have fun and enjoy life but who can also be serious and will listen to me when I need to talk and will understand and will also share how they feel with me and will come to me when they want support I just want someone who is completely on my wavelength. I just feel so lonely and that I have to be the strong one and support everyone else and have to keep everyone else happy. I just want someone who is there for me always.
applepie5377 applepie5377
Feb 10, 2013