Pay It Forward

I try to treat others as I would like to be treated. I am a pretty chill guy and try to roll with the punches. Unfortunately most people eventually end up taking advantage of kindness but I do my best to not let it affect me. Most people think i'm stupid for it but they'll get theirs... its all about the karma.
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We are a helpful family. Always have been. We are firm believers in Karma. And we were blessed with a beautiful son with down syndrome who is the world to us. When he was born we were told he wouldnt make it to age 5. But he is, and he is running for it. His birthday is april 13th. We wanted to do something amazing for him, to make that day last in his memories forever. We thought maybe someone on here could help us. Due to finanial strain, and now at one income because of a layoff, we are hoping there is someone who can help us by donating towards a good cause and helping us enlighten our son. We have a paypal donation link set up for him. If you would like to contribute, please contact me by email and i can send the link. My email is Thank you very much for reading this. And God Bless you all.

It's refreshing to find other kind and likeable people. It's well worth the effort to extend a helping hand, listen and give warmth to others.

i agree....sometimes people do try to take kindness for stupidity but in the end they are the one's that are stupid for missing such an opportunity. i firmly believe that what goes around, comes around...have witnessed it.... and kindness is never a mistake. only problem is we need far more of it in this world.<br />
i love these two quotes...<br />
Be kind to unkind people - they need it the most.<br />
Kindness is the ability to love people more than they really deserve.<br />
hang in there.