Being kind is just something that is natural for me. My mama brought me up to be nice gal... and I intend to keep it that way. When people call our house, and I answer, they even make comments to my mother about how polite I am over the phone. I hold the doors open for people... and, all in all, I'm not a ***** to complete strangers... or to anyone for that matter... unless they are "mean" to me... Only when I'm sticking up for myself or for others am I "not nice"... People know of my temper... and they know of my rage... but even when I'm mad I can still be kind... that really ****** people off... =]

But, seriously, I try to be kind to everyone. We all know the "Golden Rule"... lets hope more of us follow it.

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Lol! Yay?! :)

At work, my patients are used to me being the easy going, nice, smiley one. It makes the job easier on ALL of us! And a bonus I've found, is that people catch on quickly when I am being totally serious or even angry. They don't like to see me like that, so they're more willing to cooperate! lol. Do you ever find that?