When Other People Aren't Kind

I have a really hard time sometimes because I am trying to be as kind as I can be to everyone, & I come into contact regularly with people who aren't interested in doing the same. They aren't trying to be horrible, but they will often take a pessimistic view of other people. Of course it's a kindness for me to be tolerant towards them & try to act in a way that might inspire them to be less negative towards certain groups or stereotypes, or people in general. But it's tough on the heart, sometimes.
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2007

People are funny creatures really, like yourself I would rather spread a bit of kindness around, it doesn't cost anything materially (unless I buy the office a bunch of flowers to brighten it up) and in general kindnesses are well received and to echo TheTardyDodo, as long as it is unconditional it makes for good relations. However, if you find that you alone are the optimist, give yourself a pat on the back. You never know, those individuals when alone, may wish they were more like you which is a glass half full kind of person.....and what better way to be eh. Good luck to you!

The thing to remember is give kindness and positivity that is truly without strings. And that includes not expecting to see any change in them at all. When you radiate your kindness, it costs you nothing, the sun loses nothing whether or not its light falls upon the small life of this planet, or cross out amongst the stars, but you'd have to say that it was all worthwhile :)

Yeah, it happened to me today.<br />
I went to see someone I hadn't seen in a year just to say hello while she's at work. I greeted her and others there, then she didn't really say much. So, I just said, "I come to see you." And she was surprised but didn't say much. So I left, and thought of all the other people who like me better.