Southern Girl

Well being from the South where good old Southern Hospitality is preached to you from birth it becomes second nature to be nice to others.  I don't like when others are rude or when people mistake my niceness for weakness.  I believe in the "do unto others as you would have done to you rule."  That means that I will give to you without question and turn the other cheek, but do not take advantage and abuse me for my kindness or I will fight back.

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I like it! Thanks for sharing.

She really made me think.

lmao Bot. I love to say b*stard, but I say it as "bossturd" bc that is the way one of my best friends says it. I had my little niece with me the other day and I was driving down the road. This man cut me off and it angered me badly. I called him the word of choice and was complaining how he could have killed us with his driving. My little niece piped in from the back that "bossturds" need Jesus's love too. She is only 3 yrs old and that was all it took for me to realize I can never do that anymore.<br />
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We consider you honorary southern Flour so it is all good. We just have to teach you to type y'all lol.<br />
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Goldie, I think they did an exceptional job sweet pea.

Born and raised a southern girl and that's how we were taught it was to be. Everybody was nice and hospitable.<br />
Then some found road rage

im not from the south but live here now. i think being nice is very important.

I like to think so. Momma and Daddy knew what they were doing, that is certain.

Exactly girlfriend. You were too.

All very true, you were raised right :)