Just Today...

I spend at least a couple days a week at a day program for folks with mental illnesses.  There's a wide spectrum of ability and functioning. 

So today, I was doing my task, which mainly consisted of babying the *cough* temperamental copier.  Another member wandered in and announced that she wanted to borrow a book.  Okay, no problem.  We do have a (small) collection of books that we lend out.

One problem.  The gal who was supposedly our librarian today had vanished.  Okay, no biggie.  I asked another friend to babysit the copier, and went to check out this girl's book.  First, she asked for a Bible.  I looked on the shelves, and found that all our Bibles were checked out.  It took me several minutes to get her to understand why she could not check out a Bible.  Eventually she picked a book at random and said she wanted to check it out.  Halfway through me doing the paperwork-y stuff I needed to, the girl left! 

Knowing very well how this person tends to act, I just kept on fussing with the card catalog.  Eventually she wandered back in.  I finished filling out the cards, and sent her off. 

I could have told her that the library was closed.  I could have told her that since the librarian was gone, she was out of luck. 

But I was nice.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 15, 2012