A Litlle Ocd Maybe

i have a small case of perfectionism. small enough that i don't notice it so much, but big enough that those around me do. school work is where i try the hardest to be perfect. i feel like i must. i'm naturally a good student, so if i don't try to be perfect then i tend to slack because my confidence tells me i can do that. as long as i am trying to be perfect, then i get excellent grades and that's nothing to be ashamed of is it? my biggest downfall with it is that if i don't get an a on a test i do tend to beat myself up over it. because i know i didn't try my hardest. i really don't see anything wrong with trying to be perfect. i mean how can it possibly be a bad thing. it just keeps us on our toes, as considerate, compassionate, intelligent human beings. what's wrong with a human race that does well? i mean obviously we aren't perfect so there's no use getting upset with our faults either, but i surely will continue to try to be the best person i can be, which means trying to do everything perfectly.

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 20, 2008

its ok to try to be perfect,as like you say it keeps you on your toes.as long as you dont let faliure get to you tooo much ,then its not a problem.you cant be perfect if you cant except faliure i feel x