But With No Luck!

I do try to blend into a crowd. I do wish to be shadow, hence my username on EP. I feel more comfortable unseen. But, it's just not possible... even growing up, I was just too odd to not be noticed. And my aura gives off this vibe that draws the attention of others instantly, even if I say or do nothing. :-/

I feel like it's an curse, most times. I only require the attention of those closest to me... but then I seem to draw in a crowd of strangers and I get overwhelmed with anxieties. And it doesn't help that I seem to gain the attention of the crazy people, the most. NO, not the silly and unique people, like me. Just a little "nutty" but harmless. But the creepy and mentally insane ones, the ones that would make any sane person's skin crawl! They're no fun! :-(

Well, one day I will get my wish (I am hoping!!!) and I will blend in and be left to a peaceful calm. Just me and my loved ones, in our own little world, without the noise of the crowd that keeps following me. Sure, many would want to be this popular... but I have to say, honestly, popularity is WAY overrated! =p

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Good story Shadow and Ill agree with Retired Father too!

Blending in is not important. How you perceive yourself is important.<br />
<br />
Live your life well and be happy. Lead by example. People will follow the positive attitude and admire you.<br />
<br />
Then they can blend into your crowd.