SAY No to Blending In!! :)

Don't do it!!!  WOuld i want a plate full of food - all mixed into brown mush?  Would i be inspired by life if it were filled with the same person all the time??


NOpe nope, i would NOT.  !!  I like you as u r!  DOn't blend in around me - I gave it up & have come to realize that NOT blending is not only helpful to others...but I CAN"T control will escape me anyways.

HUGGIES!!  *shadow28's nifty word*

kylae77 kylae77
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7 Responses Jun 13, 2009

yeah ima dork i know -- :P

Lol maybe so!

:P<br />
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well that's 3 people commenting....should i start an "unblender" group ha ha

I just read this now-lol

thx!!! *hugs naomi lovingly* :)<br />
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LOL!! Edgar ! I guess i would have been afraid if i saw u here, too ha ha! I'm glad u are around to make sure i don't start doing silly, unsatisfying things!!! :p

Whew...I was afraid for you for a moment...glad you are here to counter this notion! :)

kylae, you are the ABSOLUTE best :D <br />
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