Brighten the World

I for one, prefer to laugh rather then cry. So whenever i see someone in a bad mood, weither they be angry or sad, i try to lighten their load, if only for a moment with a joke. It's worth so much to watch a person who looks like their world is crashing down around them suddenly smile. To watch their face just brighten up, it's wonderful. I'm always trying to make a joke about something, some people call me immature. But i would rather make a thousand people laugh by being immature, then watch one person cry, and do nothing cause i'm too mature. Laughter is the best medicine, and the quickest way to a wonderful friendship.


Pheonix Pheonix
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 19, 2007

I love that message. That's something I strive to do everyday. I'm so much happier helping others through their rough times than dwelling on my own. Besides, putting a smile on someone else's face automatically puts one on mine.

I too would rather share a funny thought and sometimes use it to cover up my handicap. It tends to make people a little more comfortable around me. At first I thought people would hold me in derision. Don't let it bother you if they call you immature. To make people laugh is a gift. I wonder if there are going to be anymore comedians like Red Skelton. He played different parts like Clem Kaddilhopper, when TV was young and kind of Corney. And who could forget Carol Burnett and her merry show? They don't have good comedians anymore, or they aren't on TV.

I respect that. Make people happier, one joke at a time.

I agree 100% I try harder to make others smile than I do for myself, But then again nothing makes me smile faster than making someone else smile.

that's true, I love people with a good sence of humour