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I Do The Best I Can ....

I have a small circle .... by choice ... it's not that I'm a snob ... it's just that it's easier for me to keep track of a small number of people than a large one ...

Some became friends because of shared interests or experiences .... I may not "talk" to them on a regular basis ... but I can see their activity and enjoy what they have to share ....

Some are people who I see on an almost daily basis and who I communicate with when I see them signed in .... by gesture ... or whiteboard ... or PM .... they are part of my daily experience and I treasure just seeing them here .... they bring light and make me smile .... and for my part, just reaching out to them ... in some small way ... tells them that I'm thinking about them and wishing them well

And some have become friends ... more in the real life way .... texts, emails and phone calls .... real friends who know more about me ... and I about them .... just as real as sitting across a table sharing stories over coffee ... these are the real treasures in my life ....

And with all of them, I watch .... I watch their moods change .... I see that they may be struggling with something ... it may be momentary or it may be a pattern .... or I may see that something exciting is going on in their lives and they are joyful .... and I may, or may not, reach out to acknowledge what I see ... all depending on how well I know them ....

The point being that all of these people are important to me ... their inclusion in my circle is a blessing .... I'm grateful for them ... and admittedly, I don't do a great job of maintaining the level of contact that I probably should ... but I do the best I can.
AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 3 Responses Jul 10, 2012

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I try to check on you too All. **hugs**

awwww thanks FG ..... I do watch what you say ....

Awww thanks....See... that is one of the nicest things that anybody can tell me....that I can make them smile for just a few seconds..... The world throws plenty of reasons to frown at us all... but knowing I made one person stop in the middle of their day and grin just ROCKS my whole world and that makes me happy!! It's like smiley, ping-pong where we just keep sending reasons to smile back and forth.... Cool!!

Is it my serve ???? .... lol .... (((hugs))) just made me smile again!! You served and did even know it!! :D

It was the hair who served... it's why Laffs did not notice it. x p

LOL @ Sylphy!! "Serving hair" sorta rocks!! :D

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Laff's you do a fine of keeping track and staying connected.....You're one of my buddies who I always smile when I see that cute blue poofey haired guy appear. You are a TOTAL 2 way buddy and I'm glad to be in your circle and have you in mine!! YaYYYY for buddies!!

awwww sie .... you are one who makes me smile the BIGGEST !!! .... you are a total joy .... all hail buddies !!!