Unless Wrong's More Seductive . . .

. . . I generally do try to do what's right! But what's "right" anyway? Isn't it really all relative? Here's an example:

It's the law in our state to wear a seatbelt while driving.
I am teaching my 17yr old how to drive & cannot reach the steering wheel from the psgr seat w/seatbelt on.
SOOOOO . . . . I don't wear my seatbelt when I teach her to drive!

Well, okay. I really don't EVER wear my seat belt. Nasty, restraining things. I feel physically violated by the damned chokeholds! I'm only 5'2" and they always end up cutting across my neck, stifling my ability to breathe or maneuver! So the way *I* see it -- it's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT for me to protest the infringement on my freedom of movement that seatbelt laws impose. Hell, I'm a conscientious objector!

. . . And it doesn't hurt that: . . . I've always enjoyed the risk of "getting caught." . . . ;-)
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!! Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience mls. I trust your hand has since healed? You are correct that one cannot control all road risks. It's certainly a sobering cautionary tale. Will take under advisement.

*smiling* Wow! Now you guys are surely old enough to remember a time during our youth when seatbelts were NOT mandatory and folks seemed to get along just fine! <br />
<br />
If it makes anyone feel any better -- I ALWAYS drive with my lights on. While this precaution is typically NOT mandatory with the exception of darkness or inclement weather -- I believe in the saving grace of that visual warning system! Seeing the hint of light from the auto in my blind spot or the one in my rear view on his/her cell about to run into me not realizing that traffic has stopped -- has allowed me to avert disaster on more than one occasion. :-)<br />
<br />
But newday - thanx 4 the clip info. Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to any recent (past 20yrs) developments in the seatbelt gadgetry area other than those thrust upon me (sometimes literally!) by the advent of automatic systems (Arrrrggh!). I MAY -- very grudgingly -- take a gander at this device that could make my surrender to "the Man" slightly less torturous.

Hey CMV, now that I've found you please don't let some drunk take you out!<br />
To that end; there is a small clip-like device that attaches to both the lap and shoulder belts which allows you to adjust where the shoulder belt crosses your torso. They only cost a few bucks and are easily found in an auto parts store or on the web. They do work and no matter how well you drive not wearing seat belts puts you at real risk.<br />
Re the scofflaw bit.... okay some rebellion is a good thing. Perhaps you could find something more pleasurable but still verboten to replace the seat belt thing.