It May Be Harder to Be Positive....

but I have found that there is good in every situation. I used to be a pretty negative and sad person. I started doing a gratitude journal and it really changed my outlook on life. I had to quit a job that I loved and had been at for 18 years because of my bad back. I was devastated! I had to find something new and I didn't want to. I was lucky to be approced by someone from another company that I used to deal with and they hired me into a new position that taught me a lot of new skills. This job soon started taking a toll on my back and I again had to find something new. I broke down and went to a temp agency. They found me a new job, totally out of my experience, and I was amazed to find all of the new skills I was able to learn. I am still with this job, but I now know that I can learn and advance without fear. Yes, I lost a really good job with all the great benifits, but found a new strength and confidence which is more valuable to me than any amount of money. That's what I try to do in all situation now. Find the silver in the dark. It's always there, I just have to be willing to really look and keep an open mind. 

Artisina Artisina
46-50, F
Mar 6, 2008