Do I Try To Hard?

It seems like everyone else at school is just NOT bothered about what grades they get and how they do in exams, etc, but I always try really hard to get good grades when it matters, and it kinda makes me feel like a geek, which I really am not. Thing is, some of my friends don't actually HAVE to try to get good grades, they can just do reallly well anyway, and this makes me feel kindaa stupid, becaause I have to TRY to get alright marks, etc. I just feel like I can't win. I put effort into getting good grades, I feel like a boffin; I don't put effort into getting good grades, I don't GET good grades, I feel stupid. Also, it doesn't feel like there is a middle path.
eleanorrose123 eleanorrose123
13-15, F
Aug 1, 2010