Why Do We Never Learn

The sun rises and falls back down maybe leaving a different color sky or a more furious blaze upon our skin but inevitably it will continue to rise and fall.

I'm enraged at the people i watch everyday but at the same time they make me very sad because I know what will happen to them. I feel like my eyelids have been taped back and all I can do is watch disaster after disaster. If they want me to listen I will sit and listen but once they have asked me for a subtle plea for help out of the water they are drowning themselves in, I have no rope to offer them.

( My mother has been plagued by misfortune for what seems like an eternity. an I have always helped her when I can in money, in strength, in guidance, in anyway I have..... but this time I have nothing nothing at all except an ear to listen and for weeks I listened. I listened to her talk and complain but mostly cry and there is nothing i can do.... I didn't like that I felt selfish when instead of driving over to her to listen to her cry and be upset i wanted to go to a movie with my sister. It may sound stupid and ridiculous but I didn't like how guilty I felt) also I don't like when people say " I deserve something nice" or " you need to do something for yourself" most of the time you will probably do too much for yourself.

This time I haven't had the means to help anyone and instead of making someone else worse I ve only made myself suffer ( I also got a speeding ticket and had to pay 50$ for a mistake I made on my car) I really like driving its a stress release for me so im very sad when I dont )  

If youve ever seen 'The Big Bang Theory' and seen there episode where shelodon loans penny money thats the kind of person I wanna be someone thats already put together and has ways to lend a helping hand that doesnt put themselves into turmoil .
I wish good fourtune and a happy Tomorrow on you all
God Bless im sure everything will work out it usually seems too
Eli777 Eli777
Jul 16, 2010