Should I Keep This One?

I don't really feel like telling this story but well, I figure I'm here to talk about me and find like minded people, right? So I have to be honest.

I'm notoriously bad about keeping promises. Still pretty flakey for someone my age. I keep my promises to my closest friends and they usually understand if I shy away from committing to something. But other than that, I'm bad.

Now, my latest promise was to change my way of answering the phone. Should I keep it?

I am a completely sane person but as they say opposite attracts and I have a horde of crazy people around me and one of them got me to promise to answer any phone call with: What underwear are you wearing?

Keep it?

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28 Responses Oct 24, 2009

Whaaaaaaaaaat...? That's not youuu...? Utter disappointment :(

lol if u really want to kno about my underwear lol i think it would be more appropriate through PM haha<br />
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lol thats not really me... u kno that right? lol

So, what underwear are you wearing, LF?<br />
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Oh wait, I see, you're only wearing a blue ball cap :D

LMFAO i so hope u actually answered the phone saying this! i would laugh so hard haha

Ha. I like that, LV.<br />
<br />
Pooh, copping out eh, Topay. RLMAO.

I promise... I promise!! I won't wear underwear when I call you June!!

A promise is a promise, but they can be broken. do it only if you feel like it.

Simplysimple, I don't make promises - that's why!<br />
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LOL. I love the way you think beyondoverit!!<br />
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Thanks sadness1989!

I think its ur way of being created.So don't keep it.

Keep it. You answering your phone like that could just put a smile on someones face, maybe even make them laugh, turn a bad day into a good one for someone. :)

If you have caller ID, answer it that way TO THAT FRIEND ONLY! Promises are not just funny little things you use to make people uncomfortable. My guess is they really aren't going to be offended if you don't keep this one.... And how many promises do you make anyway? I don't make many, cuz it really is unrealistic to think you can keep up with that many, and really only the important things are worth a promise. I can't say I havn't broken a promise, but I try extra hard not too! I am just careful of what i promise.

Hello is soooooo outdated...!!! Well, as I made the promise at work, I guess I have to do it at work. LOL.<br />
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Yep, that's the rule I live by too - I'd rather say simply yes or no. Problems start when someone I'm weak for tries to reconfirm where I had originally said no!

What's wrong with hello? You don't answer the phone at work like that do you? :o<br />
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I learned never to make promises to anyone. I just let "yes" mean yes and "no" mean no. My word should be good enough.

LOL. She'd laugh her head off.

Innocent? Innocent??? Watch it Siggy, you already got a big head, you don't want a long nose to go along with it. Think of your neck!!!

LOL whoooo meeee nooooo im innocent remember LOL i dont do anything bad ;)

Ew, don't try and cast me as one of yous, Siggy. I'm perfectly innocent until I got to know you.<br />
<br />
I'm ashamed because it was such a cliche, Achi - not nearly as original or brilliant as I usually am! LOL.

hahaha ashamed? Don't be if you were having fun thinking of them. :D

LOLi see wats on your mind at work lol

You know this whole thing started when we were talking silly things at work about how the President was making random calls to the citizens, thanking them and all.<br />
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We all came up with our own (annoying) answers and yeah, I am ashamed to say that that was my best answer. LOL.

Quick fire sexline. lol Naaa don't keep this one. Well unless you do wanna know what they're wearing. :P

Nope Never

LOL. You're going to lose this fight, Siggy!

yeah true who am i kidding <br />
, im used to u now

That's what you say..

im not gonna call u lol

I guess so.. but I really am taking this seriously. Not going to be flakey all my life.

My opinion, I wouldn't lose sleep over a lighthearted statement. Paco35 :-)