Night At The Movies

back in 1994 i still went to cinemas once in a while to see a movie, leo and i went and got our tickets and then up to the smelly popcorn.  i had $20 and i thought that would have been enough for a night at the movies.  They were selling these huge drinks, the size of a 1L pop bottle and the popcorn cup was the size of a snare drum.  with those prices i would need more money and i asked at the counter  "can't we get something smaller?  i only have 4$ left ?" the sorry fellow working there said '"no that's all we have."   i was going to fegetabatit but then i noticed ahead that they were sellling candy and they had some small bags that would fit popcorn enough for us.  i grabbed 2 bags and stepped back to the counter, "what about these?"  he took them and he said "I'll go ask."   i saw him turn to the man in charge and he glared at me.  i said rather loudly, i came here with $20., isn't that enough for popcorn and a movie?  at first he was going to argue with me but it was really crowded and he was nice.  he snatched the bags out of my hand and filled them both with popcorn then i said we would share a pepsi and everything was cool. 

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im not sure what you mean, the guy didnt glare at me? i thought he did.,

Goodness me ! (he glared at you)<br />
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My ex-husband and I used to run a cinema and I can tell you the all the stuff on the confectionery counter comes for a song !<br />
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The price of admission to the movie is usually governed by the film distributer but the popcorn etc is completely at the discretion of the cinema owner