Scarred People Are Beautiful

I have been in and out of relationships in my life,
And learned that although memories of pain remains, And the intensity fizzled out....
It is never really forgotten.

Fighting to live, standing up for love, I have learned to engage in the Art of Letting Go.
There is beauty in grief and agony...I realized,
As it scarred through my deepest soul in sorrow.

I have gained wisdom from failed endearments, wrapped by age, time and experience
When I could have sulked in one corner, tearing myself
Wishing things could have been different.

For what use does my tears be on a dried and wearied sentiment
When love can never repair such injury from its excruciating revolution?
What else would I do when I have given everything and in giving there is nothing more to offer?

Bruised and exhausted…..Wretched and bleeding,
I thrived on loneliness, and fueled by sadness I moved on
I breathe the pain, to stand and love again, hurt as I am.

So beat me, whip me, slash me…that I may have a life to live by
That I may have stories to tell of survival
Fearless of wounds and goodbyes, trying to be a winner rather than a loser.

So this is me.

I am carved with heartaches,
Trimmed with pain,
And ornamented with scars,

Making my life fully decorated and beautiful inside.

Indeed..scarred people are beautiful.
chrisfairy chrisfairy
36-40, F
Aug 9, 2010