My Sporadicnostalgic Moments

There are myriad of feelings rushing through me

Unable to express them all in a single thought, a phrase, or in a whole conversation

Why do I keep on falling over and over again?

On the same trap of deceit and betrayal

An extraordinarily pleasant and inexplicable attraction,

Only to find out that pursuing is harmful to my ability to separate reality from fantasy

To leave before I permanently damage my ability to love, be loved, and trust unconditionally.

You make my life colorful by having not to commit in anything permanent.

I have nothing to substantiate my fears, only my experiences,

because you fuel my passion, and shake my inner core by brutally reminding myself

where I stand at this framework...

I am an entertainment, I am a distraction

I am a fantasy, I am not real.

I am just a passing fancy.

Don’t give me sympathy, this ordeal is self-inflicted pain

I did this to myself

My lonely nights

With fabulous memories and life lesson's learned.
chrisfairy chrisfairy
36-40, F
Aug 9, 2010