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Several years ago I was reading an article in some newspaper.  It used the term "ahimsa" and said the definition was doing no harm, in thought or deed, to any living creature.  I loved it instantly!  I try to practice it daily, but the doing no harm in thought part is very difficult.  I'm vegetarian, but not vegan so I know I'm doing some harm there.  No one is perfect of course.  But I think it's a great goal!

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How do people do this - in a society like the society of today - this is almost impossible - very few people worldwide truly practise ahimsa, and especially in the thoughts - that is why the whole world goes back instead of ahead.

This needs get more popularized.

YES! It's the mental harm that I find most difficult, and have to remind myself to practice. I work with animal rescue and trying to find it in myself to forgive, or at least not to think harmful thoughts about the people is very difficult! How do people do this!?

Thank you for having such a group that shares interest in ahimsa, since it gets challenging sometimes to do just that.<br />
Well, i found out about ahimsa when i was reading about how to start a proper yoga practice and there it was in the first step under the name yam that included 4 more areas to consider.<br />
I learned that it doesnt have to do with physical harm only, it extends to oral and mental harm so trying those dimensions of ahimsa will get us in more ways of practicing it on a daily basis.