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After reading your post you got me thinking. First off I have read all your blogs and absolutely love everyone of them. I find you very interesting.

In regards to practising compassion, how do you feel about people who rape and murder and commit horrible crimes on children? I know the Buddhist believe in practising compassion for everyone but what about those who live awful mean and violent lives and hurt others? I dont quite understand why they deserve compassion?
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I don’t know who you wanted to answer that question about feeling compassion for rapists and crimes against children, but I’ll tell you what I feel about that. First I must say, I don’t decide what to feel, I just do. And I don’t feel compassion for anyone that does something like that. In fact I don’t like such a person at all. Where I cant help feeling compassion for someone like that is if I had to see someone like that suddenly truly realizing they done something bad. If I see that this person is beginning to truly suffer inside, wishing desparately they could reverse the things they did. When I myself can see this person is truly tormented by what he has done, and wishes and is TRYING DESPARATLEY to make things right with all his heart, like it’s a matter of life and death to that person. At that time I think I will begin to actually feel sorry for that person. But only then, and I don’t think that happens to people very often. But then you can see the good side of the person coming through and its difficult to be angry with a good person

The very nature of intelligence is sensitivity, and this sensitivity is love. Without this intelligence there can be no compassion. Compassion is not the doing of charitable acts or social reform; it is free from sentiment, romanticism and emotional enthusiasm. It is as strong as death. It is like a great rock, immovable in the midst of confusion, misery and anxiety. Without this compassion no new culture or society can come into being. Compassion and intelligence walk together; they are not separate. Compassion acts through intelligence ... The mind is capable of great arguments and of solving problems, but the problem-solving mind is not the intelligent mind. Love makes for sensitivity, for vulnerability. That which is sensitive is capable of renewal ... but we do not know how to look for it. Our minds and hearts are filled with other things.

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In my opinion, the criminal still deserve compassion, depend on the crime and reasons they do that, like a murder, not everyone of them did the crime just for fun, offcourse they have 2 b punish 4 what they did(I think is a must bcouse however punishment bring good effect in community), there r human laws and also God law one can escape from human law but not God law, also if one have been punished by human laws and deep down d person feel guilty and promised not 2 do that again God may have compassion 4 him *am not a budhist so Idk what budhist law. :)