I Try to Save My Boyfriend From Himself and His Ways.

My story is simple my boyfriend and I have been together for awhile the beginning was really unstable and still is. He drank a lot and mentally put me through hell he may still drink I'm not sure he has a criminal record because of his drinking and driving . Now the whole time I've been trying to help him because I care about him and I myself dont drink and dont want to be tempted. I know that he resents me because of it and this is probably the catalyst to our fights. I dont want to see him get hurt or worse but Im learning that I cant live his life either. All of the concentration I have put towards keeping us together has caused my life to slip away. Im rarely ever happy, I lost a alot of weight, and my career has suffered. The whole time he is happy and making a career for himself.  Sometimes I wish I could be selfish like him and not care about others that way but that is not the way I was raised. I wanna concentrate on myself but I feel so lost and hopeless. I know that he isnt going to help me get back on my feet and I have to do it by myself. It is just a lot to take in and I feel that Im in such a weak state like Im not myself that I am losing myself completly. This is going to be such a hard process.  

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2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

What is it that you're trying to save him from, if you're not sure whether or not he is still drinking? And if he's happy and you're not, perhaps he's not the one who needs saving?

You can't save someone from drowing, if you drown with them. I have been watching someone i love do something similar for 19 yrs. You both deserve better.