I Had His Baby

After I had my daughter I really thought he would strighten up and get a job. I thought he would be the best dad ever. I was wrong...


The story of it is ... If he never meet me he would be dead. I don't know what I seen in him. He drank every night and did alot of drugs. He was completly worthless and didn't care where he would end up. I fell hard for him. I've always wanted to save poeple and I knew he was a grate person inside. I was determinded to pull it out.

After I daughter was born he still won't get a job and I had to move back to my parents and he had to move to his. Our daughter is now 7 weeks old going on 8 and I gave up on him a couple days ago and broke it off with him. Hopefully for good till he gets a job and wants his family together.

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I just found this post... I was wondering how did things end up working out for you?

Try to concentrate on your new baby and get yourself sorted out. Being a first time mum is a hard job especially while your body gets back to normal which can take awhile. And breaking up I'm sure is adding to the stress of it all. Love your baby and learn to love yourself, your a mum now, it's the most incredible journey and most rewarding job, but hard work and it will test all of your strengths and take all of your commitment! You have to live for the two of you and let your ex do what he will. Men who tend to turn to alcohol and or drugs rather than live life and face up to it's challenges, often have little inner strength or self love and I know from first hand experience( have 2 boys from different dads, one an alcho & one a scitzophrenic addict, nither see their sons, now 8 & 12) I'm not bitter nor do I hate men, quite the opposite, but what I have learnt after bringing them up on my own and some life experience is don't waste your life waiting & hoping he will get his life together! He will or he won't & he should for himself first! <br />
But you like millions of other mums who rise to the challenge of being a single mum, rather than saying this is too hard I'd better have a drink or take a pill or have a shot/snort of something or just run away, who just do it because its the right thing to do & love is what most of us women do naturally, you will be great and do the best you can!<br />
I wish you the most wonderful times ahead with your daughter, cherish the moments as you never get those special ones again and take lots of photo's as our babies change so rapidly and sometimes you're just too tired and miserable to care at that time but you'll think back and wish you had, and love your self as without a well mum your baby won't do as well!<br />
All the very best to you and yours:)<br />
Look after yourself & be happy!