Breaking Down Denial

After having been through family and domestic abuse (emotional, verbal and spiritual) and control, I have found that NO LONGER LIVING IN DENIAL to be a KEY to helping me live a fully wonderful and real life.

In writing my blog; I am working through the process that I have taken to heal from abuse. BREAKING DENIAL is really the turning point, the "a-ha" moment or epiphany that is not something that I could "do" was something that I had to SEEK and ACCEPT as being truth...then everything seemed to be revealed to me. 

My process looked a little bit like this: 

  1. See things AS THEY ARE; no matter what you have thought they were before, no matter HOW DIFFICULT it is to believe, refuse to accept anything but the TRUTH
  2. Don't be afraid of "judging" others. Don't give anyone the "benefit of doubt"...if there is doubt, state it. SAY it aloud
  3. Forgive yourself for things that you have done that brought you to this place.
  4. Let those who have contributed to your pain BE ACCOUNTABLE for their behavior; even though they may never admit it.
  5. TRUST yourself and stop second guessing that you have made a good decision; make the decision and stick by it!. 
  6. Make a GOOD decision to NO LONGER LIVE IN DENIAL...even if it is lonely, it is REAL!!
  7. TELL YOURSELF DAILY that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! *** (I didn't mean to leave this out; we need DAILY reminders!!!)

I have worked THROUGH denial to find REALITY. It was WORTH IT!!!

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May 14, 2012